User manual

Installing maps directly into your GPS

  1. Download the map file. The link is marked "File for GPS".
  2. Unzip the file. In windows you can right click on the file. After unzipping the filename shall be"gmapsupp.img".
  3. Copy the file to a memory card (recomended) or into the GPS memory. It must be placed in a folder named "Garmin".
  4. Put the memory card in the GPS and start it.
  • You probably have to enable the map in the GPS setup, and disable other maps.
  • Some details are not defines in night mode so you should user day mode.
  • You can also copy the file to the memory card while it is in the GPS. Just connect the GPS to your computer using a USB cable.
  • If you copy the map to the GPS memory be careful so you don't delete maps you already have.
  • Some hiking models support multiple map file. Then you must rename the files, but the extention .img must be kept.

Installing maps on PC

Installing on Windows

  1. Download the map. The Link is named "Windows installer".
  2. Run the downloaded program. It requires administrator access. On Windows 7 and Vista you will be asked about this.
  3. Accept the license.
  4. Specify the path for installation if you want. We recomend using the default path which is C:\Garmin\Maps. Please notice that the uninstall program will be placed in the path you choose..
  5. Done.

Upgrade on Windows

For upgrade we recomend unistalling before installing. If you install directly an upgrade will be done. If you get any problem we recomend an uninstall followed by removing any files left in the folder where the map was installed.

Uninstall on Windows

  1. Enter the folder where the map is installed. Defauld is C:\Garmin\Maps\ plus the name of the map.
  2. Run Uninstall.exe. It requires administrator access. On Windows 7 and Vista you will be asked about this
  3. Done.
  • The folder where the map was installed and all the files in it should now be deleted. If not you can delete them manuelly.
  • Files belonging to other maps or programs must not be deleted or moved. BaseCamp or Mapsource (or Windows) can stop working if you do so. The install and uninstall program does a lot of settings in Windows that must be done correctly to make it work.
  • We recomend using BaseCamp. Mapsource is not working 100% and often the contour lines is not shown. BaseCamp can be downloaded from

Installing on Mac

  1. The program MapManager must be installed. It can be downloaded from
  2. Unzip the map file you have downloaded.
  3. Dobbel click the .gmapi folder. The MapManager program will start and take you thru the installation.
  4. Done.
We recomend using BaseCamp. RoadTrip can be used but does not work 100%. BaseCamp can be downloaded from

Uninstalling on Mac

  1. All maps is placed in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps/. To uninstall it just move this folder to the Trash.
  2. Done.

Transfer maps from MapInstall or MapSource to GPS

You can use MapInstall (recomended) or MapSource to install maps from your PC to your GPS. Read Garmins instructions so you know how to do this and do not delete maps on your device by accident. When transfering topo maps you must drag the mouse over to select because the contour lines are placed in a layer below the other map details.


Autorouting works on both roads and trails. Just remember to use the setting in the GPS to say if you are driving or walking.

Known errors and issues

There are som errors and issues you should be aware of:

  • Address search does only work within a limitid distance from where you are, usually about 100-200 km.
  • Many roads does not have house numbers so autorouting will often only lead you to the right road and not the house number you search.
  • Autorouting only works within a limit distance from where you are, usually about 100-200 km.
  • We recomend using BaseCamp. MapSource (Windows) and RoadTrip (Mac) doesn't work 100% with all our maps. You can download BaseCamp from
  • Some symbols is not shown correctly in BaseCamp or the other map programs. The most important one is cliffs that is shown the wrong way.
  • Some symbols is not defines for night mode in the GPS. Therfor you must use day mode. You should select this in the setup so the night mode is not automatically turned on during the evening.

No garantiee is made. By downloading the maps you agree to use it at your own risk.